Rob Smith Song Of Praise Acoustic Chords Capo No
(picking sequence for first few chords - and all chords)
   Bm              C               Bm (x2)        G              G (when G repeats)

       Bm      C       Bm     Bm
I will sing a song of praise
        G          Am      G   G
For the Lord has delivered me
       C        C          Bm      G
He has ransomed me from my futile ways
    Am         Am           D
And made these blind eyes see
        C           C             G           Bm
So I'll sing to the world of his great great grace
        C            Am       D     D
And the love joy and peace He gives
        G       Em            C       Am
For the Lord of life has been sacrificed
     C        D     G
That I might freely live

        Bm    C       Bm
I will sing a song of peace
        G             Am         G
For the love that the Father has shown
       C             Bm    G
He has reconciled my angry heart
    Am                D
And brought my spirit home
        C                       G    Bm
Having cleansed my guilt in His holy fire
        C         Am        D
That descended on Calvary's tree
          G      Em    C       Am
Where the Son of God became my sin
    C     D           G
To set my conscience free

       Bm     C       Bm
I will sing a song of hope
        G             Am         G
In the grace that the Father has planned
         C                      Bm      G
When the trumpet sounds and the earth resounds
   Am             D
In praises to the Lamb
        C                        G      Bm
And the saints shall rise with a mighty shout
        C           Am      D
At the voice of the King of kings
         G          Em             C         Am
And fore'er they'll reign with the Lamb once slain
    C       D    G
And to Him glory bring
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